Portarlington. Image courtesy of www.bellarinebayside.com.au

What is bSafe?

The Bellarine Community Safety Group was established by the Victorian Government in partnership with the local community to develop community safety strategies for the Bellarine.

The purpose of this website is to act as a community safety and crime prevention information hub to keep residents and visitors to the Bellarine Peninsula informed on matters of community safety. To do this, reputable sources such as Victoria Police Eyewatch, Country Fire Authority (CFA), Surf Life Saving Victoria and Neighbourhood Watch Facebook pages are being utilised to keep the Bellarine up to date.

Logo Rationale

The bSafe Bellarine branding and name were developed and designed from the strategy below.


The 'thumbs up' option presented is symbolic of the letter 'b' which is reflective of both 'be safe' and the 'Bellarine'. This computerised option of a thumbs up combined with the colours which are symbolic of emergency services.


The colour teal was intentionally chosen as it's widely recognised as a colour of trust, security and confidence. When combined with orange it has a certain authority which is important for the credibility of the branding and website. Orange is a mentally stimulating colour which encourages social communication. The colours within the hand are symbolic of the emergency services colours


The fonts chosen are clean, legible and contemporary. Also digital which suits the online nature of the hub.

Image courtesy of www.bellarinebayside.com.au