Summer Update from Senior Sergeant Adrian Bickley

Summer Update from Senior Sergeant Adrian Bickley

Thursday, 30th December 2021

Senior Sergeant Adrian BICKLEY, the Officer in Charge of the Bellarine Police has advised that local police are ready for the summer season on the Bellarine Peninsula.  Police numbers will be increased throughout the Bellarine Peninsula & Surf Coast from Christmas through to Australia Day.

Senior Sergeant BICKLEY said that locally, Bellarine & Portarlington Police will be supporting safety on land and sea.  Operation Backroads is the local road safety operation which will be heavily supported over the summer.  Senior Sergeant BICKLEY indicated that since its implementation there have been significant reductions in road trauma on the Bellarine Peninsula and he wants to maintain that trend to ensure everybody gets to where they are going safely whilst on the Bellarine Peninsula.

Operation Barwon is a local water safety operation recognising the large number of people that take to the water in boats, jet skis and other watercraft over the summer period.  Police will be working closely with the Victorian Fisheries Authority and the Water Police to ensure people are compliant with marine laws.

Preparations are already in place for New Year’s Eve.  There will be no firework display at Ocean Grove this year with the main firework display being held at Geelong.  However, there are still a large number of police rostered for New Year’s Eve on the Bellarine Peninsula with an expectation that people will be celebrating after experiencing a tough year under pandemic restrictions.

Police are also focussing on anti-social behaviour with ‘So You Know’ posters being placed at licensed premises, caravan parks and other gathering points to ensure people are aware of the cost of poor behaviour.  Senior Sergeant BICKLEY said the fines are significant.  “I want people to enjoy themselves but don’t ruin your day by being stupid and copping a fine.  Ultimately it is your action, your decision.”

Senior Sergeant BICKLEY said, “It’s been a tough year for everyone with COVID-19 and the restrictions that were in place.  I know people will want to finally have a break and enjoy their Christmas holidays.  All I want is to ensure that people do this in a safe manner.  I also know that with the large increase in population on the Bellarine Peninsula over the summer, opportunistic crime can increase.  Don’t give somebody an opportunity to commit crime, lock your cars and homes and if you see something suspicious that requires police quickly, call 000.

Source: Adrian Bickley on behalf of Victoria Police