Holiday Advice – Burglary Crime Prevention Tips

Holiday Advice – Burglary Crime Prevention Tips

Friday, 23rd December 2016

I am sure that it would be a bad end to a relaxing holiday to come home and find that you had been a victim of a burglary. So what can you do to increase your chances of not having this occur.  Where people carry out some basic crime prevention measures, intruders are discouraged from entering the home.  If your house, your street, looks secure the chances are that they will go elsewhere.


“Neighbours are always the first line of defence,” Leading Senior Constable Andrew KING the Geelong Police Community Liaison Officer and Crime Prevention Officer said.  They can recognise suspicious activity or vehicles that are out of place. 


The following are some useful tips that could be helpful for protecting your property while you are away: -


  • Check that all windows and doors are securely locked – hiding the keys to the locks while you are away means that even if access is gained large items can’t be carried out.  Thieves will be grateful for marked keys to a car, shed and deadlocks being left around
  • Have your mail held at the Post Office or collected by a neighbour
  • Have the same neighbour clear your letter box daily of junk mail
  • Ensure that any deliveries are stopped (Papers, milk, soft drink etc)
  • Purchase a timer switch for your power point and connect a lamp and a radio to it.  Having it set at different times will give an impression that someone is home
  • Turn down the volume on your telephone so that it can't be heard from the street
  • Don’t either close all blinds or leave all blinds open mix them up to suit the layout of your house, where you have installed the timer switch leave that blind down so that the room can't be seen into but the voices on the radio and the reflected light raises doubt as to whether someone is home
  • Leave your outside sensor light on while you are away, these can now be purchased so that they fit onto normal light fittings and are very effective
  • Put away your valuables (ie jewellery etc) in a less obvious location
  • Ensure all sheds and garages are locked, power tools are particularly attractive to thieves and people forget garden implements make excellent jemmies
  • Ask a neighbour to park their vehicle in your driveway occasionally to give the impression of activity
  • Old clothes pegged onto the clothes line also give the impression of activity and can be swapped around by a neighbour if you are away for an extended period


This list is not exhaustive nor is it fool proof but it certainly will give you a better chance.  If anybody would like to discuss issues regarding home security they are welcome to contact Leading Senior Constable KING on 52 253261 and he will be happy to assist.

Source: Andrew King