Tips on preventing crime at your business

Tips on preventing crime at your business

Saturday, 10th December 2016

Tips on preventing crime at your business

Good environmental design and general alertness can help to reduce the risk of property being stolen or damaged.


  • Here are some tips to help deter thieves:
  • create an open, well-lit store layout with good visibility between aisles or areas
  • consider installing surveillance mirrors or Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  • shelves should be neatly stacked with price tags properly secured to merchandise
  • limit the entry and exit points
  • keep staff rooms and stock rooms locked at all times
  • never leave sales areas or cash registers unattended
  • be aware of customers who appear nervous or distracted around merchandise
  • check the number of items taken in and out of change rooms   
  • make sure your staff understand the store policy on checking bags and shoplifting
  • ensure staff are familiar with store security and their operating hours and contact details
  • display signs that highlight the security measures in the store and your business’ bag checking policy
  • lock up expensive items in a display cabinet, or place them close to staff working areas.


  • To reduce the risk of graffiti at your store:
  • make sure the inside and outside of your shop is well lit
  • erect warning signs about trespass and potential prosecution
  • replace glazing with damage resistant material such as polycarbonates
  • install movement activated lighting in areas at risk
  • remove graffiti promptly
  • install fences or plant vegetation to make graffiti prone areas difficult for vandals to access
  • remove the canvas, cover graffiti prone areas with murals
  • develop a close relationship with your local traders’ association, local police and council
  • make positive use of casual surveillance by involving neighbours, other local traders and community groups
  • report all instances of graffiti to police. Police reports should be supported by a photo of the graffiti and documentation verifying the costs incurred to assist with insurance claims or claims for restitution in court.   
  • For further information on these and other types of crime your business may experience, see Victoria Police’s Business Security Kit

Source: Community Crime Prevention