Caravan park etiquette

Caravan park etiquette

Thursday, 21st November 2019

For a memorable stay you have to follow a code of conduct. From celebrating with alcohol to making campfires, there are many caravan park rules and regulations to keep in mind when you’re a public place such as a caravan park

Note that the caravan park regulations change according to situations as well as seasons. You must talk with the manager regarding the rules of the park before booking.

With most caravanners using caravan parks for peace, it’s not proper to pump up your speakers’ volume in the dead of the night. Sure, you’re free to be happy, but be mindful that you do not disturb your neighbours in doing so.
Hence, It is advised that caravanners stop making noise starting at 9 pm and the latest at 11 pm. Be wary that too much noise can have you expelled from a caravan park.

Drugs and Alcohol
Drinking alcohol is prohibited to persons under 18. Moreover, illicit drugs are definitely illegal.
Any person found to have the same will be expelled and arrested. If you’re a psychedelic party goer, caravan parks are not for you!

Speed Limits
Most caravan parks advise limiting your speed from 8-10 km per hour when inside the caravan park. Note that roads inside the caravan park are shared by cyclists, bikers as well as pedestrians.

For the overall safety of caravanners, restrict your movements to your campsite. Do not cut through another’s campsite. Always report any illegal or suspicious activity in a caravan park to the owner or concerned manager.

Keep in mind that the regulations aim to keep everyone safe. In case of emergencies and natural disasters, you MUST listen to the caravan park manager or refer to the emergency guidelines often put up in the Camp Kitchen.

Besides a dump point, most caravans are also equipped with rubbish bins. When you’re in a caravan site, it is necessary to follow regulations on proper waste disposal. Do not litter in a caravan park, lest be penalised with a fine.

Always be conscientious and comply with the caravan park rules and regulations. These rules are designed to give you the best possible stay. Hence, it pays to cooperate with caravan park owners and ensure that they have sufficient manpower and facilities to make your stay safe, comfortable and memorable.


Source: Galaxy Caravans